Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding of the year!

dari sehari ke sehari nak update pasal wedding kat frim tu tapi tak berkesempatan jugak. dah la broadband celcom kat seri putra ni lembap tahap dewa. haihh...

wedding. sape tak suke wedding kan. happy faces, good food, amazing deco and the bride and groom themselves!

so, last saturday night was my childhood friend's wedding, maryam. she is like a big sister to me. when she went back to aussie during our school year, we counted each days untuk dia balik malaysia for holidays to spend time together.

anyway, her reception was phenomenal! it was so beautiful and magical. i wish i had pictures to show and tell tapi yela, internet macam siput. all the deco, the dress and make up, the food, everything is so maryam. and i know that was her wedding dream. in the garden, under the stars, live band, lots of colors. aduhai cantek sungguh!

masa diorg jalan atas red carpet, i was in tears, so did my mom. ade satu feeling ni, rase happy and proud sangat-sangat sampai nangis. macam tula. lagipun diorg ni macam fairytale tau, macam-macam dugaan and finally happy ending. btw, husband dia, osama orang sudan. so, it became more interesting bile they showed their tradition plak. sorang aussie mix malay, sorang lagi sudanese. sah-sah anak comel nanti (",)

maryam deary,
i will pray for your happiness in your marriage life. enjoy the journey, it's gonna be rough at times but i know you will work it out somehow. i love you to bits and take care of each other. need anything, you know where to find me xoxo

p/s : seronok dapat jumpe auntie farah d and uncle mahadi that night. miss them.

Lots of love,

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