Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First term year 2014

meh mummy summarize report card khayra meh

ada a few 'subjects' kat school kakak.

1) exercise of practical life/sensorial edu - well-mannered, independant but need more practise. now she is in pouring during epl class

2) math - can count objects but need more guidance from aunty. can order numbers 1-20 but still need guidance

3) cultural edu (fave class kakak ni) - can solve puzzles correctly, shows curiosity and interest by exploring surrounding, cab observe, select and manipulate objects and materials

4) islamic studies - need guidances from aunty to recite doa, in progress to memories al-Fatihah and the translation, know how to greet aunty, still need guidance and practice in solah and wudhu'

5) arts and craft, music and movement and physical edu (another fave subject) - has demonstrate positive progress in arts ad craft, enjoys singing simple songs from her memory (^.^), happy with any physical activities

6) behaviour and social skills - shows good attitude towards peers, form good relationship with aunties, participates in group activities

alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. for a 4 years old, i think this  is a great progress. yes, i need to spend more time with you in islamic studies kakak, but overall, i am satisfy with your progress. good work my love *hugsand kisses*

Lots of love,

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