Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't hardly wait

"ibu cuak la, camne ni!!" hehe.. lawak la my mom ni. itu la ayat yang keluar time ajak dia teman pergi scan baby. well, i purposely invited her as this is her first grandchild and i wanna share with her this special moment (^.^)
so, the three of us (ibu, zazi n i) went to klinik bersalin sukhilmi, senawang around 4pm. here, they have 3D scan and it only cost rm100 including consultation fees! berbaloi-baloi kan?! hehe... nway, before masuk tengok muka ibu, sangat takut okeh.. macam dia plak pregnant neh! but the doctor was so calm, professional and friendly, that made her feel more comfortable later on.
after that, we went to "THE" room and doctor pun start la tekan (not that hard) pewut mak buyung neh. as usual, this notty lil precious dok tendang-tendang sampai doctor panggil dia aktif macam ikan (",) doctor pun start the scanning. first dia carik kepala baby dulu and dia tunjuk yang baby dah ready dalam position untuk birth. he said it is good sebab nanti senang nak deliver, insya Allah. then, the baby's face!! i still can remember that cute tiny face until now!!!! doctor explained mane hidung dia, telinga, mulut dia (nampak baby pandai muncung dah!). mase ni the three of us sangat seronok tak terkata! i of coz macam nak nangis la kan tapi cover macho. hehe! and the doctor said muka baby ada muka mummy!!!! weee.....! daddy jangan jeles k. tapi baby agak malu sebab dia tutup muka dia sket dengan tangan (tak sabar nak pegang tangan dia). pastu, doctor tunjuk jantung, lung and hati. dia pun bagi la kitorg dengar heartbeat baby. laju jugak la as always. then, tunjuk that cute lil butt and kaki dia.. gender? hehe... zazi told the doctor not to tell us :)
so far, alhamdulillah, doctor kata everything is fine, no abnormalities (until birth i hope) and both baby and mummy are healthy. he also advise me to take extra supplement for baby's brain and visual ability, NeuroGain. elok ambil especially on the 3rd tri. so all the mummys-to-be out there, sila beri perhatian yek. supplement ni minyak ikan, good for the baby's IQ and penglihatan.
as for my mom, happy yang teramat sampai abis story kat jiran-jiran (ada kenduri that nite). i am glad that we took her with us. and to my loving husband, thanks for everything. banyak dah honey sabar kan?! lagi 8-10 weeks to go. doakan kami yek.... amin...

Lots of love,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Test after test......

heard of MGTT? MGTT stands for Modified Glucose Tolerance Test. this test is performed to assess how your body responds as regards growth hormone release when you are given a sugar drink. yup, i did it last friday. my gynae advise me to perform this test since i am a bit overweight (*.*)
anyway, at first, i could not eat and drink for 10 hours before they take my blood sample. so, after fasting overnight, they took my blood sample and the nurse asked me to drink a standard amount of glucose (75gm). sangat pekat sampai sakit anak tekak ku!!! nak termuntah pun yek jugak... urrgghh!!! then, zazi n i went out for breakfast (sangat lapar!) and came back to the clinic after two hours, lebih kurang kul10am masa tu. the nurse took my blood sample again and finally we went home.
on wednesday, the nurse called me and told me the result. she said 1st reading (blood after fasting) was 4.5 and 2nd reading (blood after drank glucose) was 7.6. she said mine was at borderline for a diabetic (max. 7.8) sorry sayang, banyaknye penyakit mummy nih.
so next week, i need to see my gynae. see la what happen... (^.^) in the meantime, skrang ni minum air barli jek (kunun nak naturalkan balik, bleh ke?) huhu......

Lots of love,

Friday, February 12, 2010


suddenly, i remember when my brother was young, my mom used to sing him a lullaby, ipsey-wipsey-spider. dia suka sangat siap nyanyi and buat gaya jugak. so cute! :)
then, i try to find the nursery rhymes book , and i found it!! sangat nostalgia okeh. hehe! here are our all time favorite lullabies which i am going to pass down to my precious...

Sing-a-Long : Ipsey-Wipsey-Spider
Ipsey Wipsey spider,
climbing up the spout,
down came the rain
and wash the spider out,
out came the sunshine
and dried up all the rain,
Ipsey Wipsey spider,
climbing up again.

Go to Sleep : Rock-a-Bye Baby
Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top,
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall,
And down will come baby, cradle and all.

When She/He Cries : You are My Sunshine
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are gray,
You'll never know dear, how much I love you,
Please don't take my sunshine away.

oh, and i want to spoil her/him with lotsa disney's movies!!! hehe.. i really do hope to be a good mother to my own child. Wish me luck!!

Lots of love,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Not-so-good news

this morning we went for our routine check up, which is once in two weeks. however, this time, i did not have to do blood test *so so relieved!* they only checked my weight, blood pressure, urine test and baby's heart rate. then, the nurse reviewed the result. everything seemed normal but then, she asked me how much did i put on weight since i registered. i said around 10 kg and she was quite surprised! not a good one tho.. she said the max. pregnant women could put on weight until birth is 12 kg and i have another 2 1/2 months to go!! she was worried about me and she said she will refer my case to the doctor.
in the evening, my mom-in-law called me but i was asleep. so, she called zazi instead. she told him that the doctor called and informed her about my case. the doctor asked me to come and see her this friday and perform a blood test... errkk! baru jek gembira hari ni takyah buat blood test :(
btw i could not eat starting friday 12am, friday 8am perform 1st blood test, after that, they will give me a glucose drink and friday 10am, perform 2nd blood test *creeps!*
the doctor concerns about the baby's health as he/she grows quite fast for the last few months and this might leads to complication during delivery, which is soon!! be strong my lil' one. i m praying hard for the both of us.

Lots of love,

Friday, February 5, 2010

87 days to go

today is day 179 of my pregnancy. can you believe it?! hehe.. i'm NOT! badan dah rase semakin berat, cepat mengah & malas =) tak lama lagi tangan n kaki may have more swelling la kot.. aiyoo... i dah tak hot lagi neh!! hahaha.. duhh!!
btw, i start to cook again today after a few months off sebab tak tahan bau. dulu kalau masak, tutup hidung. pastu pas makan masakan sendiri, muntah balik.. awat baby, mummy masak tak sedap ka? awat daddy makan macam tak cukup pinggan ja? huahuahua!! peace daddy... love you!
these coming months, zazi & i dah plan to set up the nursery. of course with my sayangs help (nadia, harris, khalid & erin) kalau diorg tak busy :)

~ Wall Paint
we will consider pastel colors, which is definitely more baby friendly, like light yellow (^.^)

~ Room Lighting
maybe softer lighting so it is more comfortable to the eye.

~ Furniture and Fitting
haaa bab neh yang excited sangat neh.. bayangkan white color baby cot, cute & colorful bedding set and curtains, rug and white furniture. ahh!! sangat adorable! *syok sendiri*

so far tu jek plan yang ada. will post the picca once done k my dear ones! thee hee....

Lots of love,


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