Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's Do the First Thing First

Since zazi has to attend meeting in seremban, I purposely follow him so that I could do full check up in my mother in law's clinic. I went there with arifah, she was kindly enough to spend her precious time with me *thanks angah*
at first, i have to register myself at the counter. it was a relief as the nurses were really helpful and friendly (maybe because my mom already told them that we will be there for check up, so please treat us right! hehe). after they took note on my height, weight and blood pressure, I have to do something that I hate the most, blood test!!! urrghhh I was so damn stressful! Then, urine test. we waited for the result for quite sometimes. later on, we got the result, the nurse explained to me every details. I also did breast check up (one way to prevent breast cancer). finally, I went to see the doctor. she checked the result and consult me on health during pregnancy. well, overall, my result was normal except for my weight, >45kg.
so I guess this is the "must do" for mom to be to do during their early pregnancy. we need someone to monitor our health, which is extremely important for the baby.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello Morning Sickness and Dizziness!

looks like these two have become a good friends of mine nowadays. it is pretty annoying and distressful but i'll live. anything for my loved ones. both of my mom and mother-in-law are really helpful, in terms of telling me what should I eat, do and so many more. zazi is also super duper supportive. he helps me to ease the pain *love u honey!!*

guess I need to lay down for a little while. daa~

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tears of Joy

5th of September 2009.. i will never forget this date forever. it was the day that i found out that there is a tiny cute baby living inside of me.
i noticed that i missed my period last month. it was a good thing tho! last two weeks, my breast started to feel a bit sore, my appetite is unbelievably high and at times i am experiencing a pretty bad mood swing until now. pity zazi, my sayangness (^.^)
so yesterday evening, i decided to perform the pregnancy test as zazi was out to the gym. i didnt want him to see my disappointed face if the result is negative. turned out it was positive!!! i was jumping around like crazy woman! alhamdulillah, tersangat-sangat bersyukur kepada Allah kerana memberi aku peluang untuk menjadi seorang ibu. then, i waited for zazi to come home. i put the result on top of his laptop because i knew he will continue with work while i was cooking. once he looked at the result, he said, "b, ni ape maksudnye ni?". i was like buat bodoh, "maksud ape?" he stared at the result smiling. i never saw him smiling like that before. both of us were really happy and still couldn't believe the result in front of us.
after dinner, we went to the doctor, reconfirm the result. again, positive! we went back and told both of our parents. i asked my mom, "ibu happy tak?" and my mom said, "of coz la, ibu nak pegi bgtau ayah sambil melompat pasni!"
well, our new life has begun. from now on, i need to take a good care of myself. i really hope everything goes smoothly, insya Allah.....

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