Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I dropped my lil one!

tajuk yang menakutkan? hahaha... ni nak cerite ni, last monday i went for my routine check up kat KK Senawang. my mom-in-law yang check my blood pressure, weight, and albumin test. so far semua ok. then, met the staff nurse and dia check kaki, perut, heart rate baby. well, kaki, still bengkak walaupun tak teruk macam aritu, heart rate baby normal (my mom-in-law sangat teruja bila dgr heartbeat baby! so cute!) and perut, apparently baby dah drops lower into my pelvic region! (mcm gambar kt atas ni). actually kita dah tau dah since last scanned aritu tapi kali ni, alhamdulillah, no abnormalities jugak :)
by the way, i am so so happy bcos it is closer to the birth of my BIG day. yeayy!! another 40 days to go.. weehuuuu!!! he or she will be ready to come out to see the world soon! but this also mean less sleep, eat more and hmm less work i say? hehehe!
apa-apa pun, i am enjoying my pregnancy moment and i am thinking to capture this final moment dalam piccas. photo shoot? *BIG grin*

p/s : picture di atas was googled, not mine :)

Lots of love,

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