Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Love is in the air

let's talk about love shall we?

love is complicated. hands down. susah nak faham sama ada yang kite cintakan dia ataupun it's just a crush. bile dah bercinta plak, keadaan sekeliling kadang-kadang mengcomplicatedkan keadaan.

i rarely speak about my love life here, but you should know that we did struggle to make it work. long-distance relationship, jelousy, you name it. tapi alhamdulillah, jodoh memang di pihak kami.

tapi jangan ingat dah kawen, life gets less complicated just because you married someone you love. hohoho you are so wrong. lagi mahu kene struggle tau kawan-kawan. kalo bercinta, just jaga hati dia aje. tapi bile dah kawen, hati sume family nak kene jage. tu baru crite bab jage hati, blom makan, minum, anak, macam-macam lah.

kesimpulannya, never give up in finding your loved one. someone who wants to share the pain and happiness with you. someone who is willingly watch hindustan movies with you eventhough he does not fancy it (in my case la kan heheh!). my point is, good things takkan dapat senang-senang so, aja aja fighting girls! may you find your quality man *wink*

Lots of love,

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