Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Few months have passed so quickly...

Wow!! It's been a while kan since my last post, fuhh...! So many things to catch up. Hmm, where to start. Let see.....

1. Still doing check up in Seremban.
2. It feels good to be loved by everybody! Hehe....
3. 1st tri sangat menyeksakan, but it's worth it (^.^)
2. No more morning sickness, yeay!!!
3. Guess what, me, anemia since November! Darn!
4. I've put on weight, sangat seronok! 54kg at the moment.
5. Can feel my lil' one playing inside my tummy!! Double yeay!!!
6. I always craving for something sweet.
7. I kinda like my body now, very womanly.
8. Get tired and sleepy easily.
9. Sakit pinggang.. Mummy help!
10. No more Medical Leave, percaya tak?!
11. Lapar all the time.
12. Bought my first maternity wear on the 4th of December 2009 at MotherClub, Mid Valley with my girlfriends, Ija and Shida.. Heart u girls!!
13. I've to swallow 10 pills (iron, b-complex, calcium, ascorbic acid) a day!
14. Lost my beloved grandpa on the 15th of December 2009, misses him dearly.
15. During my birthday, 25th of Oct 2009, Zazi gave me a Pregnancy Journal, books about pregnancy and cute tiny sock for my baby as a present!!!! Love you honey!!! *terharu*
16. I become one of Pa&Ma fans now (",)
17. Believe it or not but I could NOT log in the Facebook during my 1st tri. I will likely feel dizzy then puke!! Weird? Yeah.. tell me about it!
18. Hard to get good sleep nowadays.
19. I can openly talk to ibu and my mom-in-law about motherhood *sebelum ni agak malu skit.. ngee hee*
20. Choc Oat Krunch is a MUST HAVE in my handbag.
21. Oh, I am now 6 months+ pregnant!!! Super duper excited!!

That's about it for now. Will update you later on.

Lots of love,

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