Friday, February 5, 2010

87 days to go

today is day 179 of my pregnancy. can you believe it?! hehe.. i'm NOT! badan dah rase semakin berat, cepat mengah & malas =) tak lama lagi tangan n kaki may have more swelling la kot.. aiyoo... i dah tak hot lagi neh!! hahaha.. duhh!!
btw, i start to cook again today after a few months off sebab tak tahan bau. dulu kalau masak, tutup hidung. pastu pas makan masakan sendiri, muntah balik.. awat baby, mummy masak tak sedap ka? awat daddy makan macam tak cukup pinggan ja? huahuahua!! peace daddy... love you!
these coming months, zazi & i dah plan to set up the nursery. of course with my sayangs help (nadia, harris, khalid & erin) kalau diorg tak busy :)

~ Wall Paint
we will consider pastel colors, which is definitely more baby friendly, like light yellow (^.^)

~ Room Lighting
maybe softer lighting so it is more comfortable to the eye.

~ Furniture and Fitting
haaa bab neh yang excited sangat neh.. bayangkan white color baby cot, cute & colorful bedding set and curtains, rug and white furniture. ahh!! sangat adorable! *syok sendiri*

so far tu jek plan yang ada. will post the picca once done k my dear ones! thee hee....

Lots of love,

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