Monday, February 22, 2010

Can't hardly wait

"ibu cuak la, camne ni!!" hehe.. lawak la my mom ni. itu la ayat yang keluar time ajak dia teman pergi scan baby. well, i purposely invited her as this is her first grandchild and i wanna share with her this special moment (^.^)
so, the three of us (ibu, zazi n i) went to klinik bersalin sukhilmi, senawang around 4pm. here, they have 3D scan and it only cost rm100 including consultation fees! berbaloi-baloi kan?! hehe... nway, before masuk tengok muka ibu, sangat takut okeh.. macam dia plak pregnant neh! but the doctor was so calm, professional and friendly, that made her feel more comfortable later on.
after that, we went to "THE" room and doctor pun start la tekan (not that hard) pewut mak buyung neh. as usual, this notty lil precious dok tendang-tendang sampai doctor panggil dia aktif macam ikan (",) doctor pun start the scanning. first dia carik kepala baby dulu and dia tunjuk yang baby dah ready dalam position untuk birth. he said it is good sebab nanti senang nak deliver, insya Allah. then, the baby's face!! i still can remember that cute tiny face until now!!!! doctor explained mane hidung dia, telinga, mulut dia (nampak baby pandai muncung dah!). mase ni the three of us sangat seronok tak terkata! i of coz macam nak nangis la kan tapi cover macho. hehe! and the doctor said muka baby ada muka mummy!!!! weee.....! daddy jangan jeles k. tapi baby agak malu sebab dia tutup muka dia sket dengan tangan (tak sabar nak pegang tangan dia). pastu, doctor tunjuk jantung, lung and hati. dia pun bagi la kitorg dengar heartbeat baby. laju jugak la as always. then, tunjuk that cute lil butt and kaki dia.. gender? hehe... zazi told the doctor not to tell us :)
so far, alhamdulillah, doctor kata everything is fine, no abnormalities (until birth i hope) and both baby and mummy are healthy. he also advise me to take extra supplement for baby's brain and visual ability, NeuroGain. elok ambil especially on the 3rd tri. so all the mummys-to-be out there, sila beri perhatian yek. supplement ni minyak ikan, good for the baby's IQ and penglihatan.
as for my mom, happy yang teramat sampai abis story kat jiran-jiran (ada kenduri that nite). i am glad that we took her with us. and to my loving husband, thanks for everything. banyak dah honey sabar kan?! lagi 8-10 weeks to go. doakan kami yek.... amin...

Lots of love,

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BB on February 24, 2010 at 5:28 PM said...

alhamdulillah sounds everything is fine.. and so good to hear all the good news! i am soooo happy for you and zazi and can't wait till the time to come! :)

yuppy.. last met up sangat best! we have been catch up lotsa stuff together.. :) i sukeeee & excited that time! i wish min... irnie idayu & i still keep in touch till now.. ada masa kita bole meet up sama2.. insyaAllah..

u take good care hun..

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