Friday, February 19, 2010

Test after test......

heard of MGTT? MGTT stands for Modified Glucose Tolerance Test. this test is performed to assess how your body responds as regards growth hormone release when you are given a sugar drink. yup, i did it last friday. my gynae advise me to perform this test since i am a bit overweight (*.*)
anyway, at first, i could not eat and drink for 10 hours before they take my blood sample. so, after fasting overnight, they took my blood sample and the nurse asked me to drink a standard amount of glucose (75gm). sangat pekat sampai sakit anak tekak ku!!! nak termuntah pun yek jugak... urrgghh!!! then, zazi n i went out for breakfast (sangat lapar!) and came back to the clinic after two hours, lebih kurang kul10am masa tu. the nurse took my blood sample again and finally we went home.
on wednesday, the nurse called me and told me the result. she said 1st reading (blood after fasting) was 4.5 and 2nd reading (blood after drank glucose) was 7.6. she said mine was at borderline for a diabetic (max. 7.8) sorry sayang, banyaknye penyakit mummy nih.
so next week, i need to see my gynae. see la what happen... (^.^) in the meantime, skrang ni minum air barli jek (kunun nak naturalkan balik, bleh ke?) huhu......

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