Friday, April 2, 2010

Counting days...........

2nd april sudah? lagi 30 hari lagi nak due ni. aduh aduh... takutnye!! tak pe, orang lain gave birth sihat jek, aku pun bleh buat jugak!! *ayat sedap kan hati* huhu...
so far, cuti bersalin still dalam kire-kire lagi. plan nak amik seminggu awal bcos nak deliver kat seremban kan. kot tak sempat nak balik, haru jek! tapi tengok la camne. dengar dari pengalaman ramai kawan-kawan, sangat unpredictable timing baby ni. ade yang week 38 dah tak sabar nak tengok donia dah :) ada yang seminggu awal, one day before, on the day itself, lewat sehari pun ada! haaa.. tapi majoriti, awal seminggu laa.
ok, since the day i have been waiting for is finally near, i wanna share with u, soon-to-be mommys out there a few tips about labour that i read in my baby book.

! Sign that labour is near
- braxton hicks (pre labour) tightening increase in frequency but are irregular
- vaginal discharge may increase
- may have loose bowel movements for 1-2 days
- nesting instinct - urge to have everything ready and organized

! Sign that labour is starting
- there is only one positive sign of labour and that is contractions that are regular and increasing in length, strength and frequency

! Other sign you may see are
- the mucous plug which sits in the cervix and seals off the womb during pregnancy
- release of the water bag

so there, fahamkan my deary? jangan konfius dengan braxton hicks and contractions yang sebenar tau. braxton hicks sakit jap jek pastu dia hilang. yang tu masa dah masuk 3rd tri pun dah bleh rase dah.
apa-apa pun, i am sure that we are going to make it and bring the lil' one out into the world!! semangat waja okeh! and oh, skrang tengah basuh baju baby!!! ngeee.....

p/s: starting next monday, my visit to the doctor becomes a weekly affair. amek darah every week?? errkkkk..

Lots of love,

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