Friday, September 30, 2011

Bunga-bunga harapan

saje tangan menggatals nak testing update blog pakai fone. guess it works! heh.

currently, my baby sister tengah packing untuk move out from that house and stays with her new friend which is her classmate jugak. alhamdullilah for that. it is so happen that her new friend knew one of the idiotic 'friends' of nadia, my sister. she also said that the girl has an attitude problem. i am glad that nadia is not alone in this situation. dah la jauh nun di klantan. errkk kalo dekat mungkin mangkuks sume tu dah kene penampar kot la kan. oh how i wish!! anyway, she's in a good hand for now, until the next BIG step. can't wait lalalala

Lots of love,

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