Monday, September 19, 2011


after i watched 'bride wars' and '3 idiots', persamaan between these two is friendship. and the first thing that came up into my mind is my childhood friends.

i miss them.

there were four of us. miss M, miss H, miss F and i. cara kitorg jadi rapat pun macam it was fated. padahal, masing-masing sangat lain perangai. we were classmates for 2 years, except for miss M, just a year. we were so close to each other. bayangkan, after school, hang out kat umah miss M. ponteng skolah kat umah miss H. sleep over during weekends kat umah mummy. nak makan sedap-sedap kat umah miss F. we used to do a lot of stuffs together like shopping (duhh!), talked about boys, shoulder to cry on, how to get even with our so-call-enemies (sangat tak matured okeh), make overs and many more. we even planned our future untuk bukak bisnes sama-sama. klakar la bile fikir-fikir balik.

but now masing-masing ada life sendiri.

mummy. busy with my family. i am the only one who is married. so, my attention sudah bertukar untuk my hubster and little khayra. however, i am eager to meet these girls. then again, i can't do this on my own. i need their effort too *sob*

miss F. busy with her business. last seen masa mummy sakit aritu. such an independent and bright girl. antara kami, dia yang slalu dapat result yang cemerlang! mummy dulu konon nak tiru cara dia study. sangat tak berkesan sebab mummy slalu nak tido jek! hahaha. menyesal dah...

miss M. busy with her wedding preparation. last seen, masa mummy rest kat umah after discharged from hospital aritu. she is a creative (interior designer) and understanding person. we text each other sometimes. can't wait to see her in her wedding gown.

miss H. busy with her work life. i guess. we rarely speak to each other since these few years. tak tau mengapa. last seen, on my wedding day. yeah... it's been a long time, i know. outspoken and brave kind of gal. really admire her for that.

whatever it is, i am glad to know these girls. they made my life more colorful and trust me, you can rely on them whenever you face any conflicts. i heart them dearly and i wish i could turn back time and be silly again with them.

Lots of love,

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