Friday, November 11, 2011

Three is a no-no

3. i always hate this number. i wonder why.

back in old days (in my life), when it comes to relationship or friendship, this number is a BIG no. 3rd person in a relationship? 3rd person in a friendship? huhh someone will get hurt. always. in marriage apetah lagi kan. i have experienced both, in friendship and relationship. u bet it hurts so bad. today, you share everything together. meals, stories, problems, funstuffs. and the next day, when the 3rd person came up, you'll be forgotten, like you never existed. it's like you have a new toy to play with, you totally dump the old one. i hate being ignored. i hate not being the important person in her/his life. seriously.

what did i do?

i backed off. i play safe. i don't want to get hurt anymore. some may say, "dengan kawan pun nak jeles?" yes, if you left me out. we used to do everything together then tibe-tibe kau berkepit dengan member baru. what do you expect? now, i only have good friends and no best friends. no offense. but i keep my good friends special in my heart. i treat them all the same. that way, they won't be sad because of me. i hope.

same as in my past relationship, 3rd person gave me such a heartache. again, i backed off. if we are fated to be together, then we will see each other again one day.

well, this is only one side of my stories. hurmmm...

p/s : now i only have one love and one bestfriend ever, my beloved hubster <3

Lots of love,

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